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We're Trained in Children's Dental Care in Toronto

When a family visits our office for children's dental care in Toronto, they can expect a friendly, positive and encouraging environment that will include oral hygiene instructions, examination by a pediatric dentist (specifically trained in the area of dental pediatrics) and last, but most importantly, a visit to the toy chest.

It is our goal to establish a trusting dental “home” where both parents and children feel safe and confident with our dental team.

Preventative Children's Dental Care at Our Toronto Office

Our office is faced with severe early childhood caries in children under the age of 3. The presence of early childhood caries, left untreated, may with time lead to serious dental infection, pain and possible hospital emergency visits.

In order to treat this prevalent chronic disease in young children, prevention is our key goal when offering children's dental care for Toronto patients.

Prevention is made possible with an early visit to a dentist. The American and Canadian Academies of Pediatric Dentist and the Canadian Dental Association recommend that all children see a dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth. Contact us today for children’s dental care at Toronto’s Dr. David Farkouh & Friends.

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